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Humpback whale

Humpback whale


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The humpback whale is a mammal of the family Cetaceae in the order Cetaceae. Enlarged body, broad upper jaw, with tumor like protrusions along the central line from the breathing hole to the snout and on both sides of the upper and lower jaws; The dorsal fin is relatively small, located at two-thirds of the body length behind the body; The fin limbs are very large, about one-third of the body length, with irregular serrated protrusions on the leading edge; The tail fin is wide and the outer edge is irregularly serrated; There are fewer folds and grooves on the abdomen, with 14-35 extending from the lower jaw to the front of the navel. Black on the back with black stripes, black or white on the abdomen, with significant individual variation in body color; The white part above the fin limb is more than the black part, and the white part below; The ventral surface of the tail fin is white, with black edges.