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Black striped dragonfly

Black striped dragonfly


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The black striped dragonfly is an insect belonging to the family of dragonflies and the genus of dragonflies. Male has a belly length of 56-59 millimeters and hind wings of 46-48 millimeters. Male upper and lower lips are yellow, and the front edge of the upper lip is black. The base of the front and back lips is green and yellow. Green forehead with a black "T" - shaped stripe. The top of the head, antennae, and back are black. Green in front of the chest and back, without stripes, yellow in front of the chest and spine; Close the side of the chest in yellow green. There is a small black dot above the front of the stomata. Wings transparent, leading edge veins yellow, wing veins black, wing nevi yellow brown. The abdomen is black with blue spots. The first and second abdominal segments are enlarged, the base of the first and second segments is green, and there are three blue spots and one longitudinal spot of the same color on the sides of the third to seventh segments.