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Chlorophyllum molybdites

Chlorophyllum molybdites


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This species is a large mushroom widely distributed in South China, commonly found in fields, grasslands, flower pots, or other areas. Its prominent feature is that its mature fungal folds and spore prints show a green hue. The main characteristics are larger body size, white cap, and brown flaky scales; The surface of the stalk is smooth, often with developed fungal rings, and the flesh at the base of the stalk turns reddish brown after injury; Fungal folds are detached, white in young age, and lead green in old age. This type of toxicity has caused widespread poisoning cases in southern China. It appears harmless to humans and animals, similar in shape to an edible species, widely distributed, likes to grow in large numbers, has a good taste, and is one of the most commonly ingested poisonous mushrooms.