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ganoderma lipsiense

ganoderma lipsiense


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Tree tongue Ganoderma, commonly known as Old Cow Liver, is a globally distributed scaffold fungus. The spores of this fungus can reach up to 30-40 centimeters (12-16 inches) in height, with a hard texture and woody texture. At the beginning of growth, it appears white, but soon turns deep reddish brown. It grows in the form of mycelium in the living and dead wood of trees. Tree tongued Ganoderma can grow alone, sporadically, or in groups. Its sub entity has a diameter of up to 3-30 centimeters, a length of 5-50 centimeters, a thickness of 1-10 centimeters, and a hard texture like leather with a woody texture. The upper surface of the fruiting body is covered with reddish brown conidia.