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Rotten Wood Small Brocade Moss

Rotten Wood Small Brocade Moss


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The decaying wood moss is slender or relatively robust, yellow green or dark green, with a slight brownish green color and a glossy appearance. The stem is creeping and densely branched. The leaves are always curved, almost sickle shaped, with an oval base, concave, and long pointed; The leaf edge is slightly curly, with fine teeth on the upper part; The middle rib is often missing. The leaf cells are rhombic or narrow rhombic in shape, with a yellow base. The angle cells are relatively swollen and golden in color, with a few short and small cells above them, often transparent. Dioecious plants, rare dioecious plants with the same bract or leaf bearing dioecious plants with different bracts. The inner female bracts have longitudinal folds, long hairs at the tip, and fine teeth at the upper edge.