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Ma Bo

Ma Bo


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Ma Bo, also known as Hui Bao or Ma Fei Bao, is a type of fungus belonging to the order Ma Bo in the phylum Basidiomycota. It is widely distributed and is found in almost all parts of China. After rain in summer and autumn, it mostly grows on decayed trees in open grasslands or wetlands. The genus Lycoperdaceae belongs to the family Lycoperdaceae. Mabo basidiocarps have spherical, pear shaped, gyroscopic, and oblate fruits; The outsourcing often has small warts or thorns and other decorative patterns, which fall off when mature and are papery or membranous; Irregular opening or closing at the top; False roots are obvious or absent, fixed at the site of attachment or detached from the ground when mature; When mature, spores spread to the outside world with the wind; Spore filaments without septa; The spore surface has indistinct patterns.