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Sea curled specimen

Sea curled specimen


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Sea curl, a type of shell, medium to large, slender, with many spiral layers. The shell surface usually has many spiral ribs and significant coarse longitudinal ribs. Discovered on the west coast and the Penghu Islands. From the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea to the South China Sea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Keelung, western waters of Taiwan, Mosquito Pit in Gongliao Township, Taipei County, Lugang in Changhua County, Kaohsiung County, Penghu, Penghu Inland Sea, Tamsui in Taipei County, Baishawan Coast and Hualien Coast in Taipei County, Anping in Tainan City, Donggang in Pingtung County, Jinning in Kinmen, Jincheng, Jinsha, Jinhu, and Lieyu. Mature individuals have a well-developed and broad outer lip of the shell; The aqueduct is also very deep, and the anterior edge of the outer lip usually extends beyond the aqueduct.