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Geastrum hygrometricum

Geastrum hygrometricum


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Hard skinned earth star, also known as earth star, is a fungus of the family Sclerodermidae in the order Basidiomycota, mainly distributed in some provinces and regions of Northeast, North, South, and Southwest China. Its spores can be used as medicine and have hemostatic effects. This fungus has a hygroscopic effect on absorbing water and is regarded as an observation "forest hygrometer". Fungi in the family Sclerodermidae, order Basidiomycota. When the sub entity cracks, it appears spherical and exposes the ground after cracking. The outer layer is thick and cracks into 6-18 petals when mature. It turns outward when moist and inward when dry. The outer surface is gray to grayish brown, and the inner side is brown. The inner packaging is thin film, flat spherical, with a diameter of 2-2.8 centimeters, gray to brown.